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Let's Get To The Root of It!

Raise your hand if you've been a victim of New England winters drying out your hair and scalp (ME! ME!) We all hate the constant itchiness and the "snowflakes" that are left behind on our shirt can be embarrassing. Here are some tips to keeping your hair and scalp hydrated through the chilly months...

What it does: Hydrates the scalp and relieves the itchiness.

How to use: Apply 3-5 drops on your part line, around the hair line, and in the crown area of the head where you notice dryness. Use your finger tips or a scalp massager to massage product in for a couple of minutes.

When to use: At least once a week in the winter months. I recommend using it at night to let it really soak in, and then wash hair thoroughly the next morning. (Also make sure to change your pillow case if your skin is sensitive to oils.)

What it does: Stimulates and promotes circulation for the scalp and the base of the hair cuticle. (Helps with hair growth!)

How to use: Brush out the hair and remove any tangles. Rub small circles around all sections of the head for 30-60 seconds.

When to use: You can use it on dry hair daily, or use it with your scalp oil routine.

What it does: A deep moisturizing treatment that penetrates into the cuticle leaving the hair incredibly silky smooth and soft.

How to use: After shampooing, wring out hair really well and apply a generous amount of the product onto hair, starting at the mids to ends, and massaging the last of the product onto the hairline and roots. Leave on for 5 mins and then rinse. No need to use conditioner.

When to use: After every third or fourth shampoo/wash.

What is does: We all LOVE our BFF dry shampoo, but adding build up to the top of our heads can make dry scalps even more irritable. Opt for a dry shampoo that is on the lighter side.

How to use: The key to not over drying your scalp is brushing the dry shampoo out at the end of the day. Really get your brush into the scalp and remove build up. This even helps getting an extra day out of your hair.

When to use: Any time you're trying to get some extra time out of that blowout! But remember, since it's on the lighter side, you might not get as much longevity.

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