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Hair Brushes & Hot Tools

More than ever, we are finding we have a lot of free time on our hands. Even though we don't have many places to go, I see a lot of women taking their time, learning how to perfect styling their hair. It can be overwhelming with the amount of products and tools out on the market today. Here's a quick list of my favorites that I believe are great to use!

Ibiza brushes are my absolute favorite. I love their natural boar bristle line because it makes it really easy to smooth any hair type, and the cork handle gives you a comfortable grip. I recommend using either the large (EX5) or the medium size (EX4) for most hair types. The brushes are on the more expensive side, but I believe they are worth every penny.

If you're someone who comes into the salon, you have probably seen me using the Olivia Garden ceramic brushes on you. I LOVE these brushes because they glide through any hair type and they come in so many different sizes. I feel like they really cut down the drying time, and are very easy to clean.

To help section and hold your hair out of your face, these Framar rubberized clips are THE BEST. I use them every day on clients, and no matter how much hair you have, these will work for you! They don't slip and slide, and you can use the narrow part of the clip to help divide sections. Love, love, love these. Just added more to my cart for myself!

Ok, everyone know's that I've worked at DryBar and I'm a huge fan of the Buttercup Hair Dryer. There are multiple heat settings, and the concentrator makes it super easy to focus on hitting only the section you are working with. It's also really light weight, which is great if you don't feel like getting a shoulder workout in. It's an investment, but I swear by this dryer, and it will last you a long time (as long as you don't bring it to Ireland, and trying using it with their wattage system. RIP).

If you don't feel like breaking the bank on a hair dryer because you only bust it on winter days, or special occasions, the BaBylisss Pro is a great option! It's rubberized, so it makes for a great grip. There are multiple heat settings, and this also comes with a concentrator (which I always recommend using). Perfect for any hair type.

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